Ready to Start

Odor Removal and IAQ ServiceI am Mark Tipton, and I have been in the odor and IAQ business for a decade.  I have helped start hundreds of businesses get started, and I believe it is time to re-invent the success of this industry.  This market has changed and there is a huge difference between the amateur and the professional.  We are leading the way to the new generation of oxidizing and odor modification processes.  

We see a bevy of professional services with a new mission using more powerful tools.  Ozone is one of those tools, but a professional would never rely on one tool for all types of jobs.  When you understand the opportunity in the market, a professional rises to the challenge.  

If you are serious about getting started the right way, here are the basics.  

  • Equipment & Product
  • Training and Certification
  • Weekly Training Updates
  • Routine Business Mentoring calls 
  • Developing your Website and SEO
  • Providing the Marketing Materials
  • Developing your 90-day Action Plan

I see others selling ozone machines, products, but offering nearly nothing in real support.  They promise much and have no follow-through.  I want to change that for the few committed people who have the gumption to break through the barriers that all new businesses face.

To fit into this process, you need the ability to invest $5000 for everything you will need to get started.  The question is if you are ready for the challenge.  Take a look at the overview I have in the link below.  If you believe you are the right type of person, we should talk.  Mark