The Latest Technology

Ozone Generator Cells

The new T30 is literally breakthrough technology.  The ozone plates are the first with built-in heatsinks that allow the plates, and you system, to run cool.  Every electrical engineer will confirm that "Heat is the enemy of electric component".  So, the ability to quickly remove heat from the system will extend the life to the part and the equipment.  Only the T30 has introduced several new and exciting features.  

It naturally follows that the T30 transformer and plates will extend the life of the plate.  While many ozone generators fade in power all-too-soon, the T30 is capable of higher levels of ozone output for longer periods before replacement.  For those who do on know, every ozone generator except cold fusion used in medical ozone units must be replaced periodically.  Regardless of model, no ozone generator runs at full power forever.  As the plates wear out, the ozone production fades and eventually fail.  

Secondly, the double fan design (intake and exhaust) is very important to the system output and the cooling of the plates and the unit.  Cool function is also important to ozone production as high heat will lower ozone production.  Dual fans assure the even distribution of ozone within the treatment area.

August 2020: We introduce the new T30 ozone cells (found nowhere else) that have double the life and more powerful ozone production.

Third, the 15/30 MAX has made the system as a modular design.  Replacing the ozone plates and transformer change out in a 5-10 minute process.  There are two screws at the base and a clip that disconnects the old transformer and accepts the new transformer.  Frankly, this design makes the repair of the 15/30 MAX so simple that there is no need to send it in for service.  By replacing the transformer/plate module (which may be required every few years with normal use) so simple that anyone can do it.  And, this process brings the unit back to 100% new performance.