Year End Sale on Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator Sale

Timer for Ozone GeneratorWe have brand new 40G Pros that should be in the hands of people who treat problems.  These machines are just amazing in power and durability.  Everyone likes the size of these units, and they weigh just 16 pounds.  Yet, they push 252 CFM of airflow at 40,000 for a powerful, professional treatment.  These extraordinary systems are a great deal that just got better.  For one week, we are reducing our $895 price to just $675.  Our team split over this pricing, so the compromise was to make this available for just one week.  And, while we are feeling generous, we will even include the One Touch Countdown timer.

40G Pro Generator - Brand New with 12 hour Timer

Normally, $895 - Spring Pricing $675

We are so proud of the 40G Pro.  The engineering is amazing.  The power is extraordinary.  The reliability makes this a very smart purchase.  But, to prevent a "Run on Inventory" we must limit this offer to short time limits.  Therefore, we are changing the offer and the equipment.  One thing we can say.  You will not see a lower price than this ever again!

40000 Ozone Generator

Just an incredible $675

Our one week sale is limited to 25 machines, so this offer may not last the week.  This is our lowest price for such an incredible machine.  

Questions or Orders:  Just Call Michael at (765) 505-3037

"This unit is now my main generator.  The support is fantastic.  Glad I found this website because they're the best."