Ozone Generator to Sanitize Ambulance

Ozone for Ambulance SanitizingIt may be a small segment of the market, but ambulances face a variety if important concerns.  the three most pressing issues are: bad odors, body fiuds, and infectious diseases.  Amublances do not get a choice when it comes to the type of call they get. Whether a street person, traffic accident, or drug overdose; the ambulance will transport any person in an emergancy.

When it come to safety, cleaning is always a constant shore.  However odors and pathogens can linger.  That is why more and more ambulance and emergency vehicles are purchasing small ozone generators that will quickly sanitize and deodorize the vehicle in 30-60 minutes.

Ozone is just another form of oxygen, so there is not a threat of harsh chemicals and residue.  Ozone breaks down the outer membrance of virus and bacteria in seconds.  In fact, ozone is one of the best sanitizing agents in the world.  After a good cleaning of the unit, as little of 15 minutes of ozone will sanitize and deodorize everything inside.  For bad odors, 45-60 minutes will break down foul smells.

Once purchased, the unit will do the job for years with normal care.  Ozone is also used to get rid of smoke smell, meaning that clothing can be segregated into room for a deodorising treatment.

We recommend the 20G Pro for those looking to use ozone in ambulances and emergency vehicles.  The same is true for police departments to get the odor out of police cars.