Ozone Safety Course

Ozone Safety TrainingWe are pleased to offer the Ozone Safety Training course from the National Ozone Association.  There is no other course like this anywhere, and it is a much needed tools for any business using an ozone generator.  Ozone is a great tool for odor removal, sanitizing, smoke elimination, and even mold kill. We constantly find ozone used in nature, and it is a useful tool.  However, like many good things, it can be abused and misused.  

We offer this course FREE OF CHARGE with the purchase of any All Ozone Generator
Great for your Workers - 24/7 Online access

If you own an ozone machine or have staff that operate an ozone generator, you need to be aware that ozone has guidelines for its proper use.  Untrained people and staff who use ozone generators should do more than glance as a brief operations manual.  The Ozone Safety Training course from National Ozone Association should be a requirement.  We know that even ladders can cause problems and bring unexpected liabilities.  Ozone generators are simple to use and equally simple to misuse.

Safety training is the obligation of the owners and managers of any facility.  Ozone generators have now proven that they are excellent tools for elimination of smoke, stale and strange odors, and even sanitizing badly used rooms or apartments.  With their acceptance, the mistake is in inadvertent or misguided use of equipment that requires a measure of professional training.

The Ozone Safety Course is available for a one-time purchase that allows 24/7/365 access to this training.  Therefore, you can put any or all of your staff through the Ozone Safety Training and prevent mistakes by your staff for ozone use.