Ozone Extras

Here are some of the things you may nee for your ozone treatments.

Powerful UV Light ULV Fogger Ozone Neutralizer  MMpro Moisture Meter
Ozone Neutralize ULV fogger Ozone Neutralizer Professional Moisture Metert
Discover the source of odors with this powerful UV light.  Locates proteins or urine deposits that you can target for special treatment.  Price: $35 w free shipping (avoid looking into the light)

ULV fogger with 48" hose is suggested for applying probiotics, enzymes, antimicrobials, and essential oils. Durable and reliable system .... $395

A special blend of essential oil rips ozone out of the air leaving a light. pleasant scent your customers will appreciate.  Mix 8 oz per gallon.  $29.95 for 16 oz A good moisture meter is essential to make odor and mold problems.  This probe is easy to use, very accurate, and durable.  ...  $45
UltraCide DP  Chrisal PEC Probiotic Ozone Filtering Face Mask Solve Trash Dumpster Odors
Moldicide Ozone Filter Mask XytoFresh
Special concentrate to kill bacteria and mold in one treatment, but leaves behind a germ and mold inhibitor for 90 days after application.  Also, super concentrate.  One bottle makes 16 gallons of product.  Fog or Mist in a one-pass treatment with powerful results.   16 oz bottle is .... $175 The alternative odor and sanitizing method of flooding good bacteria to eat away at deposits that foster odor-causing bacteria.  This concentrate is super-safe, and is an excellent way to permanently solve odors.  Sold in Gallons, use 4-8 ounces with water.  Gallon is $145

Set of four ozone masks.  Can be used over and over, then thrown away.  Very effective for ozone and gases with exhale releif valve for easier breathing.  Handy to store and have on hand as need instead of bulky O3 masks

Add 4-8 ounces of XytoFresh to a gallon of water for ULV Fogger for Odor Neutralizing.  Mix with PEC Probiotic to reach deeply into materials to destroy odor sources.  Great New Fresh Scent that people really enjoy.