Anti-Corrosive Part in Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator PartsAnother aspect of our dedication to a professional ozone generator that delivers reliable service year-after-year is the careful design and assembly process.  Ozone is a corrosive element when there is long-term exposure to high ozone levels.  While this is not a concern the facility during 3-6 hour ozone shock treatments, your ozone generator spends hours, days, and weeks in a high ozone environment.  Therefore, we prepare every part to sustain a corrosive environment.  

1- Stainless Steel Parts:  Our screws, nuts, and parts are stainless steel. 

2- Cases are heavy plastic or heavy-gauge aluminum.  Good! ... but not good enough.  We powder coat every case inside and out so corrosion is something that happens to the other guys.

3- Electrical parts are in sealed compartments or sealed from exposure to the air

4- Connections are treated with tape, shrink wrap, or non-corrosive paste

5- Fan motors use ball-bearing shafts and have not rubber or foam.

TAKE NOTE:  Other ozone machines maybe be "Conversions", meaning they were one a fan, air blow, or vacuum cleaner.  These systems were never intended to be an ozone generator and a more prone to failure.  This means switches, wire connections, exposed metal parts, and rubber and polymer seal will deteriorate during long-term ozone exposure.  Our systems are BUILT from DAY ONE to be ozone generators and every measure to make them anti-corrosive has been made.  

Bottom Line:  If you see the same blower or fan for sale in a store or online, but now the company claims it is an ozone machine .... shop elsewhere!!!