64,000 mg/h Commercial Ozone Generator

54000 Ozone Generator

Professional Ozone GeneratorMore powerful and built to last for years of professional service.  This heavy-gauge aluminum case is still only 16 lbs unit.  Built as a 64,000 system, the T22 cells give it the power of a 64,000 mg/hr ozone generator. The 64G Pro is driven by a high quality 252 CFM fan with ball bearing design produces a powerful flow of air without external fans to assist.  This professional generator has more than enough power to do the job for any application.  (above banner is being corrected)

The One Touch countdown timer (1 to 8 hr choices) is what customers asked for.  Simple and reliable design that uses an up-down arrow to program time.  All electronics are in an isolated housing, and uses anti-corrosive parts and connectors.  Includes a manaul On/Off switch independent of the timer.  

By every professional will love the easy to repair design.  Remove the top cover to expose all parts.  A full transformer exchange requires two screws, two wires, and about 10 minutes of work.  We build these units to last for years; but if a failure occurs, every part can be traded out in minutes.  With shipping costing about $30-40 each way, why wait weeks and months for some company to do what you can easily to with a screwdriver?

This is a professional ozone generator capable of producing shock level ozone in just minutes.  We built this case to take the abuse without even a dent.  The system is fully grounded, fused, and specially ventilated to keep everything cool.  The internal titanium oxide coating adds another dimension to odor removal and powerful sanitizing that only experts understand, and this is the upgrades that others cannot match.

These units are proposed at $895, but we are offering them at $695 for a  - Now with the T22 Cells for 64,000 mg/h output.


Just an incredible $695

Specs for the 64G Professional Ozone Generator

Weight: Less than 20 pounds
Size: 19" by 9" by 5"
Appearance: Durable powder coat 
Case: 060 Gauge Heavy Duty Housing
Power: 110 VAC - 10 amps - grounded, fused, and short-protected
Switch: On/Off with external timer, or optional 24 hour LCD countdown timer
Ozone Output: 64,000 mg/hr
Transformers: Four T22 (16,000 mg/hr) transformers and plates
Powder coated case that endures heavy use
Life Expectancy: 7 year design

The Professional Ozone 64G represents that latest in design, technology, and professional demands.  We are moving to all metal design on our equipment for a reason.  First, metal is better than plastic for heat resistance.  Secondly, these units are designed for tough treatment and years of use.  It costs more to build an ozone generator with this kind of quality, while other are using plastic boxes or converting air blowers never designed for an ozone environment.  There is simply no match for the quality, power, and cost we have combined into this unit.  Everyone who gets one of our units, wants to order more.

Free shipping does not apply for Alaska, Hawaii, or international orders.  We will provide an estimate on best price for shipping upon request.  We do offer the 220 v system upon request.