Ozone Breakthrough


64000 Ozone Generator Aqueous Oxidizer


What is a Shock Ozone Treatment?

Answer: Shock Ozone is understood as introducing large volume of ozone into an area over a period of time.

That said, massive ozone may not be the optimum solution.  Large amounts of ozone over a period of time can "Embed the Ozone Smell" so it persists for weeks and months after the treatment.  This is not a health issue, but it can be annoying.

Ozone is Topical, so some try to force ozone to solve embedded odors by prolonged ozone treatments.  This is wrong-headed.  The work ozone does best can be accomplish in an hour or two.  If you follow with an aqueous mist, the process reaches the deep causes of odor and contamination.  

More an more professionals have learned the painful lesson of overtreatment, and now shorten the ozone time to just an hour or two followed by our Decon Five fogging system.  Allow ozone to do what it does, and follow with an EPA registered, eco-safe spray that will not harm material or leave an odd odor?  The success of this oxidizing combination is many time for effective than ozone alone.

    ► Total Odor Elimination, as long as the problem areas are properly cleaned
    ► Kill Mold and Mildew on contact, and a Mildewstat inhibits future mold growth
    ► Infection Control and Prevention because the area benefits from a seven-log sanitizing treatment (99.99999%)
    ► Remove VOCs, TICs, and chemical residue (vastly improve indoor air quality)
    ► Easily sanitize air ducts, break down biofilm, and detoxify any building

Applied by a ULV fogger, Decon Five was developed for the military twelve years ago, and has prven to be the best environmental detoxification product anywhere.  In addition to environmental remedaition benefits the treatment greatly improves indoor air quality, reduces allergenic triggers, and remove toxic buildup that may affect family members, workers, students, and customers.