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Free Basic Training and Phone Support

Our 15/30G Max is now the standard of the industry.  Buying a too-small or too-large machine is just the first mistake.  Using ozone without some basic training is the second mistake.  In 2020, we offer a free Basic Ozone Training course and free phone support to make sure your ozone treatment is the success you need.

Amazing 15/30G MAX (30,000 mg/hr) Generators include our easy-to-use built-in Timer.  We install TWO FANS, not one; and we feature of heatsink plates for cool-running.  NOW IN STOCK.  We are shipping units immediately.  

$475 now Specially Priced at just $425

Get the most powerful ozone generator for its size using the T30 cells at a lower price.  Normally, $475, we have these powerful generators for $425.  

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Treatments of one-hour duration with a Quality Ozone Generator